Bandung during Puasa Month – June 2018

School holiday is around, time to bring the little kiddos to the nature. This time, we flown to Bandung , West Java – Indonesia, with main aim to let these city kids to experience nature, farms, and animals. Apparently these activities are trending there. Especially rabbit, lots of rabbits.

Rabbit, rabbit, and more rabbits

About Bandung

Bandung is located in an interesting area. While the city area is quite warm, a nearby area to the North is quite cooling. That’s where the nice cafes are.

City view – Sierra cafe

To the North, there is a highland called Lembang, which is famous for its mountain called Tangkuban Perahu (crater area), tea plantation, parks/theme parks, camp grounds, many nature related fun places.

Trishaw for kids in Floating Market

Animal feeding – Floating Market
Mini Kampung – Floating Market Lembang
Orchid Forest – Cikole
Pine tree forest – Orchid Forest Cikole

South of Bandung, there is an area called Ciwidey. A bit similar to Lembang, but with larger scale. Its specialties are Kawah Putih (the White Crater), Situ Patenggang lake, tea plantation, etc.

There is a big tea plantation at stretch between RancaUpas and Situ Patenggang lake.

Kawah Putih

Deer in Ranca Upas
Phinisi Resto
Situ Patenggang lake
Scenic Strawberry farm

Within the city itself, it is famous for its Factory Outlet Store (FOS) and nice cafes. You can find many brands at the FOSes like Nike, Guess, Calvin Klein, even Superdry, etc. For cafes, we would suggest going to the northern area for the cool weather plus the nice city view.

When to Go

Since Bandung is just 2 hours away from Jakarta, it is often populated with cars and people from that huge metro. Unlike the big wide road in Jakarta, the road in bandung isn’t that wide. Imagine if the million people from Jakarta swarm such small city. Even a small percentage of it could make your trip a hell.

Only visit on weekdays. avoid public holiday, avoid weekends. plus, avoid “mudik” period. I.e. 2-weeks-before Hari Raya (Idul Fitri) when people return to hometown gor celebration and reunion.

This time we are there in the mid of Puasa month. Majority of the people are fasting, thus some of the restaurants are not open (e.g. the Phinisi Resto). But we noticed that the traffic is quite good (weekdays).

Where to Stay

Though either Lembang or Ciwidey has a nice weather to stay in, staying within the city would be a better choice unless the stay is focused on camping or glamping.

Staying in city provides flexibility to go North or South. Probably you may want to visit FOSes, or need easy access to amenities. Price wise, the lodging in city has more choices and less expensive.

We stayed in 101 Hotel Dago and Padma Hotel.

Infinity pool with hillview – Padma Hotel

How to Move Around

Due to the traffic condition and non-standard road rules, it is best to engage driver to move around.

We engaged Dirgantara Car Rental this trip, and found that the service is superb. The drivers can speak English, can help with many stuff. E.g: buying tickets, giving idea on where to go, where to eat, etc. So far we are glad that our driver is always on time. Apart from that, the company provides wi-fi in the car, which is a great feature that exceed our expectation.

Since the car+driver rental is per day basis, if it is only for half-day (arrived in afternoon/evening), Grab and Go-car will come in handy. Of course you will need internet connection to use that app.

Our Itinerary

Day 1 – Bandung City

  • Ayam Goreng Nyonya Suharti Cipaganti
  • FOS (a few of them stretching from The Heritage to The Secrets)
  • Dinner at Soda (in Hotel 101 Dago) – must try the spaghetti sambal bawang

Day 2 – Ciwidey

  • Starts the day early (0730hr)
  • Kawah Putih (White Crater)
  • RancaUpas, deer farm. (Recommended)
  • Strawberry farm.
  • Phinisi Resto (too bad restaurant not open during fasting-month)
  • Saung Gawir – restaurant with traditional setting beside farm and field
  • Rabbit Town – mini park with rabbit theme (kinda.. yeah.. okay)
  • Sierra cafe – resto on top of the hill with city view

Day 3 – Lembang

  • Floating Market Lembang – kids fun place.
  • Orchid Forest Cikole – great scenery n cool weather, will be back for this again
  • Kampung Daun – imagine Marche the kampung style

Day 4 – Padma Hotel

  • Rumah Mode – FOS with big brands
  • Padma Hotel (resort-like hotel. Always give me a feeling of mini-clubmed)
  • Dinner in Hotel (Sundanese cuisine buffet)

Day 5 – Fly back

  • Kids activity in hotel
  • Get a free airport transfer from hotel to airport

Things We Missed

Some of them we missed due to clashing with our schedule, some of them is not so kid friendly, and some of them are due insufficient time.

  • Saung Angklung. During to Puasa month, they only have 1 performance in the afternoon
  • One eighty Cafe
  • Maribaya lodge
  • Tebing Keraton
  • Glamping in Lembang/Ciwidey

Things to Prepare

  • Insect repellent. Protect from mosquitos and flies.
  • Pre-biotics(Yakult). In case if kid’s tummy can’t handle.
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes. After kid touches many funny stuff.
  • Sun screen, during sunny outdoor activities.
  • Internet access.

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